Tuesday, April 10, 2012

about certain people

I find it quite difficult to trust very sociable people. I think that sociable people are at the core either profoundly asocial, or they simply couldn't care less about the people with whom they so overtly mingle. I, however, understand both categories of people. I find it exciting to interact with their sociable, voluble personas, as often I feel an attractive, perverted complicity with their intimate, non-social thoughts. I am in awe of antisocial, shy people. They are the ones who retain simple truths in their profoundness. They are the ones who build meaningful relationships, who are more likely to impress you once you really get to know them. The first category of sociable humans, of those who are actually asocial, is the scariest. Those people know that they will never reach a true connection with another, but will indefinetely dream about it, and they will instinctively try to replace this void by being open and friendly. They are really smart though. They know what a relationship requires, and how much effort and time it takes to build a meaningful relationship. So in the meantime, they will anyways have to interact, then why not do it in a pleasurable way? The other sociables who just don't care will hurt you... but don't let them.
I find it interesting how people resist being categorized and labeled. Everybody has the chance to change if they want. Of course, there are many more types of people that I have not even met yet, or people that have changed in the course of their lives, or people who are a mix of everything I said above. I just made a spontaneous assertion, which might even seem immature. And then of course there are women.... They just destroy you and then rebuild you ten times stronger. You just have to have patience my friend. Just don't freak out so easily!

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  1. I agree with you that, often, people with high social skills are either just noisy people, or they don't care much about other human beings. This happens probably more often than not, but wouldn't be really nice to meet somebody, once in a while, who's just gonna prove you a different perspective?