Wednesday, May 23, 2018

When we decided

When we decided to jump in the big sea water
and engulf ourselves in salt,
we ended up covered in sand.
We looked at ourselves and laughed
and lifted ourselves while
the warm sand grains pleasantly tumbled down.
We visualized the water: its coolness,
its immense fluidity, its danger...
We opened our eyes to jump in again,
but where there was salt
we saw only sand.


A guilty flea sat by the tree
Questioning its will to flee.

With one leap no one can see,
It could be elsewhere, could be free.

(Leaping carelessly and aimlessly
Is what best defines a flea.)

Still deciding what to plea,
Its heavy legs won't make that leap.

If it's guilty, it's of glee;
If it's not, it's got to be,

Otherwise it would be free
To jump, to leap, to preach, to teach.

But even for this nimble flea,
You've never felt so out of reach.